Galaxy Tab video: Home Watch app controls home appliances

Preheats oven, sets fridge temp, makes you lazy...

Concept application could make your home completely automated

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (price issues aside) is an undeniably desirable bit of kit, designed to make many day to day activities easier and more fun. Samsung seems to be taking that ethos rather seriously, having demonstrated a concept application that can be used to control Samsung home appliances.

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The bespoke app, called Home Watch and which is still some way off release, would speak to your Sammie goods and allow you to remotely switch them on. Functions such as preheating the oven or setting the washing machine for a spin wirelessly are shown off in the video below, as well as a window into recipes and a remote thermostat for your fridge.

This all obviously requires that your home be stocked with top-end wireless-enabled Sammie goods, but it’s a tantalising prospect nonetheless. Check out the video to see how Samsung’s bringing us one step closer to never having to move again.

Link: Via UberGizmo