Galaxy Tab: Samsung Spain gives out free keyboard

High asking price offset with gratis $100 accessory

A £200 price drop and now a free keyboard: Samsung's Galaxy Tab might just give Apple a run for its money.

In what looks like another bid to dispel whisperings of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab being, at first, a touch pricey, Samsung are offering a free keyboard dock for the tablet to customers in Spain who sign up before October 14th.

Shelling out for the keyboard would normally set you back a tidy $100 (or around £63), an expense that eager Galaxy Tab buyers can now offset against the tablet's not-inconsiderable £599 asking price.

Whether or not customers in the UK can expect a similar promotion when the Galaxy Tab launches here on November 1st remains to be seen, although after pricing itself so firmly in iPad territory, a little something extra certainly couldn't hurt.

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