No Galaxy S4 before May, Samsung admits

Samsung Lebanon leaks word of 2014's most anticipated handset

The Galaxy S4 will not be at CES, nor will it be at MWC it seems. A Samsung representative in Lebanon has warned not to expect the next-gen Android superphone until May

Samsung has announced, through an international Facebook page, that the eagerly-anticipated Galaxy S4 smartphone will not arrive until at least May this year.

In response to a question on the official Samsung Lebanon Facebook page, a Samsung social media representative answered: "The Galaxy S4 won't be released before May 2013."

The company followed up its response on Friday by issuing somewhat of a disclaimer: "What we said is only trivial since all Galaxy S series are released between late April and early May, yet there's no way for anyone to know the exact release date :)"

One assumes that the Lebanon branch had its ear bent from head office for this candid admission, but regardless, it finally puts paid to the faint hope that the Koreans will spring a shock at next week's CES show in Las Vegas.

It also means that, for the second year running, Samsung will be swerving the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona in February for its flagship launch of 2014.

The May/June launch schedule fits in with the assumptions of most tech observers as it falls exactly a year after we caught our first glimpse at the all-conquering Galaxy S3, at a flashy London launch event.

Via: TechRadar