Galaxy S3 to get Samsung’s own quad-core chip?

Samsung to choose Exynos quad-core chip for S3?

Samsung intend to leave behind Qualcomm and install their quad-core Exynos processor in the Galaxy S3 or at least that's according to Korea Times

Samsung’s Galaxy S3, is tipped to contain a quad-core Exynos processor or at least that's according to an inside source who spoke to the Korea Times.

The Exynos 4412 is a 32-nanometer chip capable of running at speeds up to 1.5GHz. Essentially what that means is a chip that's 26% faster than current 45-nanometer chips with battery life upped by half.

As well as being the first Samsung phone to use this technology, it is also manufactured by Samsung themselves, reducing their reliance on manufacturer Qualcomm, who up until now were the only source for a single-chip solution available to Samsung.

“Samsung has a stronger intent to lower its dependence on Qualcomm and our technicians believe that we have made significant progress in producing logic-based chips for high-end devices, combined logic and memory chips for graphic controllers and core communication chips for Internet-enabled consumer devices,’’ said a high ranking Samsung executive, in an interview with The Korea Times.

Quad-core phones are the latest thing, the S3 following in the footsteps of the already announced HTC One X, Huawei D Quad and LG Optimus 4X HD phones.

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