Galaxy Nexus USB Mass Storage: Google says no

No mass storage for Galaxy Nexus but yes for Ice Cream Sandwich

After having bought the Samsung Galaxy Nexus many customers were then left feeling confused after they realised they couldn't use it for mass storage

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus does not have USB Mass Storage, while this in itself doesn't sound like a story, it is one of the first Android phones to not have such a feature and as such it's even more surprising that it's one of the Google flagship handsets.

Google have confirmed via their very own Dan Morrill on Reddit that while the Galaxy Nexus doesn't support the feature, Android Ice Cream Sandwich does support USB Mass Storage, but only if the handset it's placed on does. He goes on to explain why a handset, for example like the Galaxy Nexus, can't support Mass Storage.

"It isn't physically possible to support UMS on devices that don't have a dedicated partition for storage (like a removable SD card, or a separate partition like Nexus S.)"

Being the first and only Ice Cream Sandwich device available at the moment all eyes will be on the next handsets to see if they will support the function with likely contenders being the HTC Edge and HTC Quattro tablet.

Is this a grave oversight by Google and Samsung or is it just a feature that's been blown out of proportion? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: Reddit