Gabe Newell says PC-to-TV Streaming will become standard

Valve boss says that PC gaming is set to take over your living room

Valve's Gabe Newell has demonstrated how the PC gaming platform may be able to move to the living room at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas

The next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft may have to face a tough challenge for space under the TV if Gabe Newell has his way. Valve's co-founder and managing director used a keynote address at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas last week to reveal his plans to move PC gaming platforms into the living room.

In his address, entitled A View On The Next Steps, Newell said that PC-to-TV streaming will become a standard feature on future TV sets and kick open the door to high-end PC gaming experiences in the living room.

"Traditionally, people say nobody wants a PC in the living room," Newell said, but stated this will change in over three tiers - "good/better/best" - of PC infiltration. The "good" tier, Newell said, will be home streaming, where consumers will be able to stream content to TVs from PCs at low latency.

"This will just become a standard feature of every television, the latency is basically nonexistent, so we really believe it's a very low-cost pathway (to PC Games in the living room) and a very high-quality path," Newell said.

Newell said the 'better' tier involved a PC in console format and sold at roughly the same price as a home gaming console. While he didn't mention it by name, the device described bears more than a slight resemblance to the Steam Box that Newell spoke at length about at CES.

The 'best' tier was a PC purchased for living room use. "The sky is the limit," Newell said. "If you want a $4,000 living room box, I'm sure there are lots of PC vendors who are going to send that to you."