Future of Apps: Mindshapes CEO David Begg

Mindshapes CEO believes in multi-platform not new-platform

The future of apps could see applications being rolled out beyond mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2, according to a top CEO

Creating apps for iPhone and iPad are just one part of a multi-platform strategy for Mindshapes and it's something that CEO David Begg feels very strongly about.

Mindshapes is a relatively small developer but has big plans, first and foremost of which is to create learning experiences that cross the gap between simply being an Apple iPhone 4S app, iPad 2 app or computer program, and talking to him it's clear to see that this is something he's been calling for for a long time.

"For a long time I've talked about multi-platform as the future, I don't think one [platform] is taking over from the other, I think that in the technology sector that we're in we're going to see an enormous proliferation of [these] devices."

"As the price of the technology then falls we'll see more and more devices specially suited to fit each application."

The laptop is not dead, just yet...

Going on to talk about whether this spells the demise of the conventional laptop or desktop PC David is clear to point out that while certain aspects of these devices will get ported over to other products, it certainly doesn't mean they'll disappear completely.

"We are starting to see the proliferation of devices that are computer replacements, the Internet TV, the tablet, the mobile phone, now very much becoming a computer replacement. So I think [however] it's just a case of different devices for different situations."

With products such as the Apple iPad 2 and Apple iPhone 4S proving that apps can work across platforms, we were curious as to what role peripherals such as controllers, keyboards and mice would have and whether they'd be replaced entirely.

The means of interacting with our products will undoubtedly change dramatically over the next 5-10 years. That applies to both the main device and also the control device."

"We're in deep conversations with Universities around the world, understanding the types of interactive devices that they are building to try and get a better sense as to what the opportunities that brings us in the future."

The future of interaction

This idea of creating new and innovative ways of interacting with conventional products is not a new one, both the Xbox Kinect and the upcoming Nintendo Wii U controller are prime examples of this ethos. That said David feels this is something that will soon apply across multi-platforms with controllers being used for many different purposes across many different products.

"This is not just about 'does an iPhone have a camera or GPS' this is about using tools that we can use across all different platforms, whether it be gaming platforms, internet TV etc."

What do you think, will we be seeing the development of cross-platform programs and apps, or are we already seeing this in todays programs such as Mindshapes Language City? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...