Future mobile networks could be "wireless" humans

Humans with wireless sensors could access the internet

Want access to the internet? Get a human.

Experts from Queen's University Belfast believe that humans wearing wireless sensors can be the backbone of powerful mobile Internet networks, which can provide constant access to the World Wide Web.

High-bandwidth networks on these sensors would do away with the need for a large amount of mobile phone base stations.

Dr Simon Cotton says, "In the past few years a significant amount of research has been undertaken into antennas and systems designed to share information across the surface of the human body."

He continues to say that research on how to transfer information to another location, ie outside of the body, has been limited. In his opinion, the benefits of humans wearing such sensors would be improvements in mobile gaming and remote healthcare.

Calling it body-to-body networks or BBN, the next generation of smartphones could be the main carriers of the new technology.

Dr Cotton and his team have been awarded a five-year Research Fellowship by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and the Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC) to further research and develop this concept.

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Via: Softpedia