Fujifilm X-E1 leaks online

Pictures of vintage compact snapper surface - could it be Fujifilm's X-E1

Fujifilm’s latest high-end compact has leaked onto the internet, revealing what is expected to be its upcoming interchangeable lens camera

The X-E1 looks very similar to the X-Pro1 model, but includes a pop-up flash and 18-55mm zoom lens. Interestingly, the new lens has been seen before, on a leaked roadmap planned for the X-Pro1, which is planned for the Autumn.

There also appears to be an electronic viewfinder, suggested by the protruding rubber eyepiece on the rear. The X-Pro1 and X100 instead used a hydride optical/electronic version.

No other details are currently available, including price, so we’ll just have to hope we can get our hands on this piece of retro cool without breaking the bank.