FujiFilm FinePix F600 EXR officially announced

Augmented reality camera for the travel lover inside all of us

The FujiFilm F600 doesn't enjoy it's owners getting lost, that's why it has built-in augmented reality to help you around.

Essentially the F600 is an update to the current F500 series but offers one key bonus, it comes with GPS and Augmented Reality under the hood, making sure you know excatly where to take the best pictures.

Its premise is a simple one: say for example you're in a foreign city and want to visit a famous landmark, the F600 has over a million locations stored so will work out where you are, and then show you the nearest spots of interest, along with distance and direction. GPS has been used in cameras for some time now in the form of geo-tagging photos but never has it been used to this degree of immersion.

Along with this rather neat technical trick the F600 EXR has a 16-megapixel EXR CMOS sensor which accomadates for low-light conditions and has motion-tracking making sure that even if someone loses their balance, the focus will be spot on. Throw in an insane burst mode and 1080p video recording with stereo sound and you've got yourself one travellers companion, all for a not half bad £270.

What do you think, is augmented reality a good idea in camera's or is it just another gimmick? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter.