Free Wi-fi on London buses in pipeline

One aspect of 'Wi-fi London' project to make capital wireless

He may be considered a bit eccentric, but we see nothing wrong with Boris Johnson's latest scheme

London's iconic red buses could well be fitted with wi-fi by 2012, offering the public internet access on the move. This plan is just one part of the Mayoral office's 'Wi-fi London' project to make the capital completely wireless by 2012.

A spokesperson for the Mayor's office revealed that the plan is to start with bus stops as they're positioning is often easily within range of the required cabling. Then the next stage would be placing wi-fi on the buses themselves.

This is not the first time public wifi has been considered for the capital, there are already plans to install wi-fi in the London Underground network as well as using steet furniture such as lamposts to set up hotspots all over the capital.

Combine this with the news that Virgin Media recently announced it would be rolling out free public wi-fi in parts of London and it would appear as though Boris' plan is truly coming to fruition.

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