Free solar panels to be installed by UK firm

Free giveaway of solar panels to British households

I'm going to soak up the sun...going to tell everyone to light up!

British solar energy firm, HomeSun, is offering free solar panel installation to British households over the next 3 years in order to encourage more environmentally-friendly behaviour. It is estimated to reach 2.5 million UK homes and will cost the firm £1 billion.

HomeSun will also monitor and maintain the panels for 25 years.

Their website gives British households a checklist to see if they are eligible for the free installation, which will, on an average, save 1 tonne of CO2 every year.

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Daniel Green, head of HomeSun, said that Germany already provides nearly 50 per cent of the world’s solar power sources, yet Britain has yet to advance in the industry. He said that HomeSun looks to help launch the UK as a leading provider of solar power.

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