Free HTML 5 version of Cut the Rope hits IE9

Internet Explorer 9 offers users free access to 25 Cut the Rope levels

Microsoft has offered an added incentive to make the jump to IE9 with ZeptoLab's addictive iPhone game Cut the Rope landing in HTML 5 form

ZeptoLab has teamed up with Microsoft to bring a HTML5 version of its popular Cut the Rope app to the web, allowing users to play the insanely-addictive game absolutely free.

In an effort to showcase the power of HTML5 used in Internet Explorer 9, the web-based version of Cut the Rope means users can now play the game on their web browsers in addition to their mobile phones.

Created by ZeptoLab, and made famous by the globally popular iPhone application, Cut the Rope swaps the touch screen for the mouse as users guide sweets through a variety of increasingly challenging obstacles to the adorable candy munching monster Om Nom. Players will have to manipulate ropes, airbags and bubbles as they guide the morsels of food to the box dwelling critter, collecting stars along the way.

“We wanted to expand Cut the Rope beyond mobile and bring it to millions of computers around the world,” said ZeptoLab Creative Director Semyon Voinovm. “We are excited to work with Microsoft to build a web version in HTML5 that excels on IE9”

With over 60 million downloads to date, Cut the Rope has moved beyond iOS to DSiware and Android platforms, as well as spawning a sequel, Cut the Rope: Experiments, released in August 2011. Built entirely using HTML5, the web version of the game offers several excusive-to-IE9 levels.

The game, which can be played at, will feature 25 levels at launch. Whist 18 of these are available to all users, seven are exclusive to those accessing the game via the IE9 browser who pin the site to there dash. With more levels promised for the near future users are also able to share their scores across Facebook and Twitter.

Ready to kiss goodbye to your free time, or are you already bored of Om Nom’s adventures? Let us know in the comment box below.