Foxconn denies Apple iTV 'confirmation' reports

Terry Gou's alleged comments debunked by the Chinese company as plot thickens

The Apple TV project is not underway at Foxconn according to the Chinese company. Apple's manufacturer of choice his back at reports last week claiming CEO Terry Gou had let slip details surrounding the project

Foxconn has released a statement saying reports that the Chinese manufacturer was already preparing to build the long-awaited Apple-branded flatscreen TV are inaccurate.

The flat-out denial follows a speech last week, where the company's controversial CEO Terry Gou was quoted as saying that the set, dubbed 'iTV' would be built at the Foxconn plant, that planning was underway and that Sharp would would provide the display.

The story was taken by many to be the first official confirmation that Apple was indeed working on a TV.

Foxconn responded to the reports claiming that Gou did not says any of the above, that the report from China daily not accurate and finally that it was against the company's policy to speculate on forthcoming projects.

While that news may seem like a bit of a letdown to Apple fans desperate for news on the forthcoming telly, it's highly plausible that this is just a smokescreen, placed to cover a somewhat embarrassing slip of the tongue.

However, if Foxconn is being geniune that would tie into reports this weekend that Apple is in the final stages of negotiating a deal to take control of German television manufacturer Loewe.

if that were to come to fruition then sure it'd be the Europeans and not the Chinese manufacturing the Apple TV. The plot thickens.

Via: SlashGear