Foxconn brawl halts production

Apple product supplier halts production after workers brawl with security.

Foxconn, a major supplier of components to Apple, has closed one of its factories in China after a fight broke out between workers and security guards

Foxconn has suspended production at one of its bigger factories in China, after a violent brawl involving security personnel and 2,000 factory workers. Around 40 workers were injured in the altercation, which police had to be brought in to contain.

Foxconn released a statement late on Sunday night, saying: “a personal dispute between several employees escalated into an incident involving 2,000 workers at approximately 11pm last night in a privately managed dormitory near our manufacturing facility in Taiyuan in Shanxi province.”

Chinese state media has reported that the fight was brought under control by 5,000 policemen who were deployed to contain it.

The Taiyuan factory employs about 79,000 workers and produces component parts used in the assembling of iPhone 5 smartphone handsets. Foxcoon has also been accused in the past of having very poor working conditions for its staff. After a string of suicides occurred, Foxconn instituted new employment measures, including wage hikes and safety nets outside buildings.