Forza Motorosport 4 to support Kinect head-tracking?

Video: Kinect integration coming to the Xbox 360 racer

Kinect arriving for the hardcore gaming masses

Microsoft Xbox Kinect looks set to be integrated into Forza Motorosport 4 after a video demonstrated the use of head-tracking via the motion-sensing peripheral.

The video from New Inside Xbox 360, shows how the head-tracking technology will be tied to the in-game camera, allowing gamers using a steering wheel to control your viewing, and staring out at your track rivals.

Sure to go down well with Kinect users hoping to see the technology used for more 'hardcore' gaming titles, all is expected to be revealed at gaming expo E3 2011 which kicks off on June 6th.

You can watch the Forza 4 Kinect head-tracking video below as well as a teaser trailer featuring The Stig. T3 will be at E3 2011 to check it all out, so stay tuned to find out the latest on Forza Motorsport 4.

Link: TeamXbox

Forza 4 Kinect head-tracking video

Forza 4 video featuring The Stig