Ford to offer DAB radios as standard by the end of 2012

Ford cars prepare early for the 2015 radio digital switchover

Starting with the new Focus, all Fords are due to come with DAB radios by the end of next year

Ford has pledged to include DAB radios as standard on its entire range by the end of 2012, a full year before the industry-imposed deadline. Ford is aware that its customers may well be thinking further in the future than that - right up to the upcoming digital switchover of radio services in 2015.

The first and only car to currently come with DAB technology as standard is the new Ford Focus. However, managing director Nigel Sharp says the company will continue to refresh their entire range with the technology in order to ensure that they offer a more future-proofed product than their competitors.

The trend of previously pricey optional extras becoming standard on cars continues here and its certainly a step in the right direction, but I think we’re all looking forward to the day when a stock Ford comes not only with a DAB radio but also Sat Nav, a DVD player, parking sensors, massage seats …

Would the promise of a DAB radio tempt you away from another car?

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Via: WhatCar