Football Manager 2012: First details announced

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FM2012 Adaptive Layout
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FM2012 Adaptive Layout 2
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FM2012 Match Engine
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Football Manager 2012

Football Manager 2012 is coming and it's more distracting than ever before offering over 800 new features, all aimed at making it the most realistic incarnation of the series yet

The hit football simulation series Football Manager is set to return in full force with Football Manager 2012, offering it's most advanced interface and with a casually impressive 800+ features to boot.

Having sold over 7 million copies worldwide, the Football Manager series is set to take things a step further with their latest version. Of the key changes the transfer system will be of notable interest, there's much more cover of the amatuer and youth contracts, while the addition of loyalty bonuses and the ability to lock certain areas of negotiation make it easier for you to get exactly the deal you want.

In other areas the game will see big changes, the layout in particular has undergone a major overhaul with different screen resolutions automatically changing the number of panels on the screen making sure all the windows are crystal clear. Taking cues from social networking apps, the new layout has customisable columns and filters which mean only the news you need to see will get through to you.

Finally the match engine has been given a hefty revamp, new animations, increased and more realistic weather conditions, two new stadiums and two new camera angles (Behind Goal and Director Cam) will all be in place to help you analyse your teams performance. In truth, there are so many new additions to the game that it would take more than this news post to even cover half.

There's no official word on when the game will be hitting the shelves but Sega have promised it'll be out before Christmas, making sure you'll be spending the winter holidays doing little else. What do you think, is Football Manager 2012 going to be the best one yet? Let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

Football Manager 2012: Adaptive Layout video

Football Manager 2012: Match Engine video