Flipboard success shows potential of Apple iPad 2 tablet

T3 Gadget Awards 2011: Flipboard crowned App of the Year

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Despite having been around for over a year, Flipboard continues to prove itself as the definitive iPad app being the first port of call whenever someone wants to show what the device is capable of

Fighting off some of the most innovative, addictive and useful applications available including Tiny Wings, Skype and Sky News, Flipboard has proven that not only is it one of the best apps available, but is capable of showing the true potential of the iPad 2 and tablet medium become the 2011 T3 Gadget Awards App of the Year in the process.

With its intuitive interface the clue is in the title, letting you ‘flip’ through all your online media by simply turning a page. It may be simplicity itself, but Flipboard becomes a hugely powerful tool for keeping up to date on everything that is relevant to your specific wants and needs.

Flipboard Features

By letting you customise the homepage, Flipboard allows users to create a magazine with sections that will only interest to that individual. Adding social feeds such as Twitter and Facebook let you see your social media in a different light while the numerous news feeds keep you abreast of all the latest headlines.

The striking front page however is the eye catcher, aggregating images from your feeds it becomes a ‘living’ homepage that would make any paper publication weep.

“I was sceptical at first but it works,” said T3 Editor and Awards judge Luke Peters. “The UI is amazing, the social integration is slick and it makes boring content shine.”

Is Flipboard the true app king or would you have chosen a different smartphone, tablet or PC filler for App of the Year? Let us know on the comments box below, and be sure to check out our T3 Gadget Awards feature for a look at the other winners...