Flip Wi-Fi incoming

Web-packing version of Flip camcorder on the cards

FCC filing points to spanking new version of cammie.

The Flip might have helped kick off the craze for bargain bucket camcorders, but it’s certainly been gazumped by killer rivals from Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic. So now Flip’s owner, Cisco, is firing back with a Wi-Fi version.

The news comes via a FCC filing from across the pond, which tells us the new shooter will come loaded with N standard wireless, as well as HDMI and the ubiquitous flip-put USB stick.

Sadly, there are no pictures of the new effort, but expect it to keep that same small time plasticky look in order to keep the price as low as week’s shopping at Lidl.

The idea of a Flip Wi-Fi certainly makes sense, with the possibilities of direct uploading to YouTube and Facebook bound to excite ‘the kids’. For more on this and the rest of today’s gadget news, hit up our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Electronista