Flexible screens to come from Samsung in 2012

Company confirms plans to have flexible OLED screens in products

Earlier this week saw Nokia's Kinetic Display being shown off, a flexible and bendable device that uses twists and bends to access the device, Samsung have now revealed their plans to introduce the tech

Samsung has confirmed that it will be bringing bendable screens into production with devices next year, and earlier rather than later. Despite falling sales in microchips display sectors this could well be the product that brings their profits back up.

This form of technology has existed for sometime however has only ever been in the experimental stages, with concepts adorning the halls of tech conferences all year. This however is the first indication that a flexible and usable screen will be making an appearance in a product and soon with Samsung's VP Robert Yi confirming the rumours.

"The flexible display, we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part,"

The screen that is most likely to be used is the one Samsung has already showcased, a 800 x 480 OLED display which could be rolled into a 1cm tube while still functioning. Of course the big question will be where will the rest of the hardware go, however if Nokia has managed to solve this problem it seems logical to assume so has Samsung.

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Source: Pocket Lint