Flexible display 'a long shot' but Samsung Galaxy S4 could still surprise, says expert

Galaxy S4 may come too soon for rumoured flexible display, but who knows...?

One expert doubts a major shock on March 14, but Samsung may have a flexible surprise up its sleeve at the Galaxy S4 launch event

A flexible screen, faster Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced atmospheric or biological sensors are long shots for an appearance on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but the Korean giant may still surprise us, according to one analyst.

Charles Golvin, a principal mobile analyst at Forrester admits that these next-gen technologies are ‘on the edge’ of being ready for prime time, but Samsung could still shock ‘jaded’ onlookers with a surprise inclusion.

The mobile devices expert told T3 in an email: “In today's environment of inflated expectations there will always be jaded observers who claim to be underwhelmed, and ask 'is that all?' The reality is that the pace of innovation in mobile devices is unparalleled.

“Currently, the things that are on the edge are flexible/bendable displays, higher speed wireless connections (802.11ac or ad), and additional sensors (e.g. biological, environmental).

“I don't expect to see any of these in the S4 but these are the areas in which Samsung might surprise us.”

Samsung demonstrated its progress in the flexible OLED screens arena, with its ‘YOUM’ technology at CES 2013, in January.

The company showed off a prototype and claimed it was “completely rewriting the rules of display technologies” with “bendable, foldable and rollable” screens.

Some observers took the Vegas reveal as a sign that ‘YOUM’ screens were a lock for the S4, while Gorilla Glass maker corning recently speculated that flexible screens were ‘years away.’

Meanwhile biometrics sensors, like fingerprint unlocking, have been rumoured for some time, while Android’s Face Unlock tech already appears on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 also has an atmospheric pressure sensor. How could the company build on these with the S4?

802.11ac is a forthcoming wireless standard that could enable Gigabit per second internet speeds over WLAN, greater range and reliability. It is expected to be the norm in smartphones by 2015, but as Golvin says, it’s probably not likely to be ready for the S4 launch.

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Image credit: Unbox.ph