Flash mob appears in New York to hype Samsung Galaxy S4

Quite excited about that new smartphone...

A completely random and, no doubt, totally unchoreographed flash mob just happened to break out in Times Square ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement

As if you needed any reminding, there's a certain phone due out this week, and it seems some people over in New York are just so excited they can't contain themselves.

The "spontaneous" flash mob that appeared in New York yesterday coincidentally happened right outside the venue Samsung has chosen to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone tomorrow night.

Dressed in black suits, trilby hats and jackets with a white "4" emblazoned on the back, the dancers launched into an energetic routine. It's further proof of Samsung's all-out marketing assault on the smartphone industry that's sure to accompany the launch.

The T3 news elves will be covering the entire launch as it happens tomorrow night, giving you the very latest dance-free news on what Samsung is offering.

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