Flash and USB port top consumers' iPad 2 wish lists

Apple digital camera more desirable than iPad snapper

Consumers unimpressed by iPad 2 camera rumours

Given three rubs of a magic Apple lamp consumers would want a USB port, Flash compatibility and a CD/DVD drive in the upcoming second generation iPad, a new survey carried out by German shopping site Gutschein-codes has revealed.

Defying the current spate of rumours that would see the expected iPad 2 get rear and front-facing cameras, the inclusion of a snapper on the Apple tablet was only the sixth most desirable option on consumers’ iPad wish list.

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Despite this, topping the list of what new product they would like to see Apple create next, 51 per cent of the 3,000 consumers questioned said a digital camera. Apple branded televisions and kitchen appliances were second and third respectively with cars and vacuum cleaners rounding out the top five.

Whilst we can’t imagine seeing the iClean, iDrive or iToast any time in the near future, the prospect of a standalone Apple camera is an interesting one that is not entirely out of the picture, no pun intended.

Again, despite consumer demand it is unlikely that an iPad 2 would host a USB port and virtually unimaginable that Steve Jobs would lay his differences aside to make the next gen tablet Flash compatible. However, although it is not necessarily what consumers want most, an inbuilt camera for the iPad is a very real possibility for the upcoming annual product update, one that has been repeatedly tipped and rumoured as a sure thing.

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