First E3 games break cover

Expo launches trailers of snazzy new games

New blockbuster game trailers hit E3 expo site.

With the E3 annual gaming conference bearing down upon us, the official site is already spoiling us with tasty looking trailers from this year's Christmas wishlist.

The first big-name titles to break cover so far include Killzone 3, a further call to arms against the futuristic space Nazis of Killzone 2; Crysis 2, the sequel to processor-crippling 2007 PC shooter; Fallout: New Vegas, a sin city-set follow up to Bethesda's sprawling post-apocalyptic Fallout 3; and Dead Space 2, (sequel to T3 fave Dead Space) a space-age survival horror starring a mining engineer who must hack his way through an army of undead using nowt but his trusty power tools.

Other franchises getting an outing include Mega Drive beat-em-up Mortal Kombat, mobster sim Mafia, racing car stalwart Gran Turismo and ubiquitous house party fave Rock Band.


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But it's not all reboots and retreads that will grace the floor of this year's Expo. New blood in the gaming world includes Bodycount, a new FPS from the creators of PS2 hit "Black", set in yet another post-apocalypse; Homefront, a game pitting a civillian resistance against North Korean occupiers in the near future United States; and futuristic arcade racer Nail'd.

You can have a gander at the new trailers on the E3 site and get the lowdown on rumours and what to expect over the coming few days with our E3 2010 rumours: What to expect page.