First Direct iPhone banking app lets you transfer cash

First UK banking app you can take action with

A banking app that actually comes in useful

Up until now banking apps for the iPhone have come in handy if you want to view your balance or check how many beer tokens you have left for the weekend, but as soon as you discover that total is a mere £6.32 at 6pm on a Friday you're powerless to act.

The new First Direct app for iPhone changes all that, and allows users to transfer money between their accounts, and make payments offering the same functionality as most banks' full websites.

It's the first UK banking app to enable payments and transfers, but naturally you'll also be able to view your last 20 transactions and check your current available balance.

It's free to download for the App Store today and this far into January, it's a pretty save bet you might need to transfer some money over if you want to eat this weekend.

Link: First Direct (via Telegraph)