Firefox 4 Beta 1: get it now

New version of browser finally up for grabs

Early version of Firefox 4 brings HD video, new add-ons manager and rearranged tabs.

With Google Chrome on the surge and Apple giving it plenty of talk about Safari 5’s speedy skills, Mozilla has had to be quick in firing back with the latest version of Firefox. And that means unleashing the first beta of Firefox 4 now, a tad earlier than expected.

The new version of the browser crams in some stellar new features, with an add-ons manager for sorting all those extras in one place, HD video using Google’s new WebM format and crash protection so stop add-ons ruining your surf time.

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In an official blog post, Mozilla has also been showing how it’s moved tabs to the the top of the page, a la Chrome, with Windows 7 users now getting a Firefox button rather than a menu bar.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 is out now and ready to try out, with Mozilla saying it will release updates to the trial version every two weeks. Being in beta, it might not run smoothly first time, so be sure to tell us of any foibles you find on Facebook or Twitter.

Link: Mozilla