Find My Mac feature rolls out to devs

Remote Mac access feature lands on iCloud

Devs getting first play ahead of official release next month.

Apple’s Find My Mac feature has rolled out to developers who have access to the newly released beta of the forthcoming iCloud service. threw open its doors earlier this week, allowing a privileged few to play with the storage and syncing service.

Find My Mac uses Wi-Fi rather than GPS to track a devices location. It means if it’s missing or stolen, you can track it down and either message the person using it, lock it or wipe the hard drive to save strangers accessing your data.

This new function mimics the ace Find My iPhone feature, which aims to prevent data from your phone getting into the wrong hands, as well as providing a nifty way to get hold of your blower after you’ve dropped it on a hazy night out.

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Via MacRumors