Fifa launches Facebook exclusive strategy game

World Cup competition across your Facebook friends network

Facebook's millions prove lure for FIFA

The latest game branded under the FIFA football series has turned its back on the franchise’s long console history instead landing exclusively on the social networking site, Facebook.

With roughly half of Facebook’s 500 million users reportedly accessing social media games through the site each month, the move by FIFA marks an attempt to target the vast user figures of one of the world’s biggest internet powers.

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The new FIFA Superstars is a strategy-based World Cup game allowing users to compile a squad before pitting their custom team against those belonging to their Facebook friends.

Although FIFA Superstars is free to play, players are required to purchase packs containing squad members that cost £1 - £2 per pack. As the tournament progresses, however, your squad members are awarded points that can then be used to purchase new team additions.

The game, which will reflect events as they unfold in the World Cup, also allows users the option to compete in league games outside of their friends network across Facebook’s vast user base.