FIFA 12 trailer released by EA outing improved tackles

Revamped impact engine shown off in gameplay trailer

FIFA 12 gameplay trailer outs improved impact engine

EA has officially revealed the first gameplay trailer for FIFA 12 outing the upcoming title’s new player impact engine that allows for more realistic tackles and injuries.

Set to once again compete with Pro Evo’s annual offering, FIFA 12 is set to hit stores this autumn in a bid to maintain its title as the most popular footballing sim on the market.

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Launched via the company’s official website, the EA trailer for the new FIFA 12 release depicts in-game footage of the title’s improved impact engine that will offer more realistic player collisions and should, in theory, never produce the same collision on more than one occasion.

Dubbed as “one of the biggest changes to FIFA ever,” the improved impact engine will add further realism to the gaming franchise and will land alongside improved AI and revamped matchday atmosphere when the game hits stores in October/November.

Will FIFA 12 top the impressive offering that was FIFA 11 or fail to make a decent impact? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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