FIFA 12 On Sale Now: Best prices round-up

With FIFA 12 released and available to buy retailers drop the game's price

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The recent FIFA 12 release date has seen retailers battle it out to offer the eagerly awaited football sim for the lowest price. Leading the way is HMV with the title priced at just £1.99, sort of

Following the FIFA 12 release date the inevitable FIFA 12 price war has begun with high street retailers and online outlets battling it out to offer the eagerly awaited football sim and PES 2012 rival for the lowest price.

One of the most hotly anticipated gaming releases of the year FIFA 12 is now available for UK gamers with a host of new features including an all new impact engine set to make tackles and off-ball scuffles more realistic.

The EA Sports title lands two weeks prior to the PES 2012 release date. The first person shooter pairing of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are set to launch on October 28th and November 8th respectively.

FIFA 12 Price

Earlier this week supermarket chain Asda revealed it was to offer the Special Edition of FIFA 12 for just £34.99. Available exclusively to Asda’s online shoppers, those looking to snap up the Special Edition of FIFA 12 will be rewarded with the full title release as well as 18 Gold Packs, split into three packs a month for six months, allowing gamers to build their FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

HMV has announced it is to offer FIFA 12 for just £1.99. Whilst £1.99 sounds like an all too tantalising deal, those look to make use of the offer must trade in F1 2011, a title which launched last Friday. As a standalone title HMV will be selling FIFA for. £39.99.

Sainsbury’s is to offer the game for £28.99 when customers spend more than £30 in store, or a slightly reduced £38.99 for those looking to but only the latest FIFA.

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