FIFA 12 head: photo-realistic gaming 'pretty close'

EA head says photo-realistic gaming is imminent

Photo-realistic gaming graphics are "pretty close" to consol release, David Rutter, EA Sports' head of developement for FIFA games has revealed

Speaking in the same week that chipset manufacturer AMD suggested next-gen consoles will feature graphics reminiscent of James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster Avatar, Rutter has suggested that photo-realistic gaming - where the characters are presented in photo-like quality - is closer than we might think.

Rutter, who has worked on the Fifa 12 release, said: "In terms of photo-realism, we're getting closer. If you saw someone playing FIFA from a distance you wouldn't know." He said. "There are believability challenges around faces and things like that, but the physicality of the players, the lighting, the cameras, the setting... the whole thing from a distance looks amazing.”

With FIFA 12 heading for release on September 30th, PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers could soon be controlling lifelike characters around a visually realistic pitch. After seeing the screenshots we provide and our promotional material, everyone's like: 'When will we see gameplay?' It is gameplay! We don't have the time to make this stuff up!”

Are photo-realistic graphics the pinnacle of console gaming or just a way to remove the element of detachment found in gaming and ruin the entertainment aspect? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: CVG