FIFA 12 demo: Teams and stadium

Details show location of match, length and teams available

Full details of FIFA 12's demo have been released, revealing that the game will be played at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium - not good news if you're a United fan!

The FIFA 12 demo will be available from the 13 September and will feature six minute matches and six teams with which to put the game to the test.

Playing at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium you'll be able to play as either Barcelona, Arsenal, Man City, Marseille, Dortmund or AC Milan. It's not yet sure which team Cesc Fabregas will be appearing on but either way it'll be a chance for all those who've been waiting to try out the impact engine and skill moves.

The latest in the sports game series is set to be EA Sport's most comprehensive FIFA yet offering improved animations, better skil moves and the impact physics engine which creates realistic interaction between players. There's no word on the game's online 'Football Club' being available for the demo so for now presume it'll be making its debut on the games official release date.

FIFA 12 will be out and on the shelves on 30 September, will you be trying it out beforehand? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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