FIFA 12 3DS announced

The most beautiful football video game coming to 3DS

Image 1 of 2 FIFA 12 3DS announced
FIFA 12 3DS announced
Image 2 of 2 FIFA 12 3DS announced
FIFA 12 3DS announced

Street football also reprised for 3DS outing

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 12 will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS promising new touch controls for Ninty's glasses-free 3D console.

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Following the arrival of Pro Evo 3DS as one of the launch titles for Nintendo's new portable console back in March, fans of the EA football franchise can look forward to the standard 11 vs 11 action as well some 5-a-side 3D Street Football.

Implementing new, optional touch screen controls, you'll be able to use the lower touch screen to hone your shooting and use the touch screen to add variety to your set-pieces. Nine different camera angles should also help you find the perfect playing view.

With 500 oficially licensed clubs to choose from, there's eight different game modes which include Career Mode, Tournament Mode, head-to-head gaming via Wi-Fi and Be A Pro Mode, which lets you carve a career from the streets all the way to pulling on the jersey for your national side.

Pricing for FIFA 12 3DS has yet to be detailed, but it is set to hit stores in the autumn.

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