FIFA 11 going for 97p in supermarkets

Annual price war throws up fierce deals on football game

The annual release of EA's football series has sparked another price war.

As with FIFA 10 last year, UK supermarkets have engaged in a price war over FIFA 11, resulting in some seriously low prices.

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Top of the pile is Asda with the comically low price of 97p. Naturally, there’s a pretty substantial catch too- gamers will have to trade in one of either Halo reach, Dead Rising 2 or F1 2010. If you’re not willing to part with some top grade games then Asda are still going down to £29.97. Asda are also doing midnight launches if you really can't wait and hate sleep.

The best deal looks to be courtesy of Sainsbury’s. By spending £30 in store, you’ll be able to pick up FIFA 11 for £24.97 and for £34.97 if you only want the game. All in all, it looks like a good time to stock up for the weekend.

Tesco are offering a similar deal but you’ll need to pick up a second chart game to get FIFA 11 for £25. Morrisons are doing the same but only as low as £27.99.

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