Faster broadband could add value to UK house prices

UK house-hunters place a lot of importance on broadband

Consumers indicate broadband is on their must-have list when house hunting.

A recent survey published by ISPReview indicates that a faster and reliable broadband connection could increase UK house prices.

ISP Review polled 733 people and the results revealed that broadband was an important consideration in house-hunting. The result showed that almost two-thirds of UK internet users would be discouraged from buying a new house if it did not have a fast broadband connection.

Half of the people who were polled said that they would pay more for a house with faster connectivity than the one they currently owned.

Almost 74% of respondents said broadband was critically important to their home life, 50.4% said they would pay more for a house with faster broadband and almost 69% said lack of fast broadband would put them off from buying a beautiful new house.

Even holidays and hotels were not spared by the apparently broadband hungry consumers. 37.2% said they would pay more for a holiday/hotel with in-room broadband.

With the British internet consumers placing so much importance on broadband, could house prices really be boosted?

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Via: ISP Review