Far Cry 3 News Rumours: Release date, trailer, map editor & multiplayer gameplay

The latest Far Cry 3 news and rumours, from release date and trailer to possible map editor features and multiplayer gameplay

The latest Far Cry 3 news and rumours, from release date and trailer to possible map editor features and multiplayer gameplay

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Gamers have been crying out for the third instalment of open-world shooter Far Cry for over three years. Originally scheduled for release in late 2011, the game was delayed causing much frustration. But will it be worth the wait?

Far Cry 3: Single player gameplay

Not much is known about the single player campaign as of yet. The few details that have emerged are that you will play as a character called Jason Brody, and that the location will be tropical – similar to the first Far Cry game.

The trailer released at E3 last June revealed that it would have much more of a stealth focus, with new moves to incorporate this such as jumping melee attacks to take out the enemy silently. The enemies are now displayed on the mini map so you can see their location.

A white dot on the map displays the villains and these dots turn red when they spot you. Once you have been seen, the enemy will call for back up and you will have to set out on a one man mission to kill everyone.

Far Cry 3 Screenshots

Players can also use the surroundings to their advantage when trying to sneak up on enemies. Utilising the sounds and features of the island will be the key to success. For example, in the trailer, Brody takes out an enemy stealthily by using the sounds of the waterfall to mask the sounds he is emitting.

You can still use the gung-ho approach to the game, and there are features which allow this type of gamer to succeed. There are plenty of sniping points and the implementation of zip-wires allows the element of surprise to be combined with an aggressive style of play.

The AI has been updated with the developers trying to create a more human feel. The enemy can make mistakes at various points in the game. The less experienced the villain is, the more mistakes they will make and vice-versa.

Far Cry 3 Cover

Multi Player Features

The main element of Far Cry 3 that has been discussed is the mechanics of the multiplayer game. Ubisoft have hired Massive Entertainment to develop this version.

Utilising the same game engine as the single player game, Massive has decided to focus much more on teamwork in the online modes. One new feature is the ‘battlecry’ – players will be able to push in the two analogue sticks to let out a cry which gives the player and his team-mates a small health perk.

This can be particularly useful when waiting to ambush the enemy, giving your team the advantage in battle. You can also attach a tracking device on an enemy to track their movements and help revive your fallen comrades.

The more a team helps each other out, the more team points will be awarded, giving players the ability to use various perks. One example of this is the ‘Psych Gas’, which removes the on-screen display and makes all players look like demons so you can’t tell friend from foe. The idea is that the player affected by the gas will shoot his own soldiers.

That is apparently just an initial perk, with more to be unlocked via a levelling up system similar to that used in fellow shooters Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Massive aren’t giving away too much about the online game modes. So far the only ones confirmed are Domination and Firestorm. Domination will be familiar to anyone who has played a shooter online before. You are set the objective of capturing a specific place, usually a building of some sort. The longer you hold it for, the more points you get.

Firestorm follows a similar mechanic, but with a difference. Each team has two fuel canisters. The objective is to ignite both of the opposing team’s drums simultaneously.

Once that has been achieved, the attacking team can call in air support to try and finish the game. If the defending team survives, the fire is put out and the game starts again. The interaction with the island scenery is key to this game mode. Once fires start, they cut off certain parts of the map, meaning players have to keep moving and finding new paths.

Far Cry 3 Box Art

Far Cry 3: Release date

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 3 will be released on the September 7th.

Far Cry 3: Trailer

You can check out the latest trailer for Far Cry 3 above, which features the unhinged Dr Earnhardt.

Far Cry 3: Map Editor

The much loved map editor will also be back and will allow gamers to create their own levels which will be compatible for every online game type, rather than being restricted to just one. These custom maps can be rated by gamers who have played on them, with the best maps being ranked via an online system similar to how Sony’s LittleBigPlanet works.

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