FanCake iPhone app rewards fans for watching sport on TV

Second screen app allows users to make predictions and win prizes

FanCake for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows you to make use of that 'I told you so moment' by predicting what will happen next in sports games, while earning rewards

A new app for iOS devices has introduced the ingenious idea of rewarding sports fans for the predictions they make while watching games on television.

FanCake, which is a free download from the App Store, allows fans to check-in to live sporting events and compete against other viewers by making quick predictions on what will happen during big plays.

For example, if an American football team gets to third down, you can predict what the quarterback will decide to do. If you're successful, you can climb the leaderboard by logging-in through Facebook Connect.

Users will also have the chance to catch medals after every big plays and earn trophies by checking-in to big games. Successful predictions, picking up medals and trophies can all result in gaining rewards like free Major League Baseball tickets and money off coupons.

The app also allows you to join in with live chat with other fans during the game, while inviting your Facebook and Twitter friends to join in with the fun.

FanCake is a US-sport centric app at the moment, but there's obviously big potential for this to expand to the UK and include Premier League football, Six Nations rugby and the like.

Via: Forbes