GoGo & SES partnership to see Wi-Fi rolled out on planes

GoGo & SES partnership to see Wi-Fi rolled out on commercial airlines

GoGo & SES partner up with the aim of providing Wi-Fi to air passengers across commercial flights in the US, Europe and Atlantic Ocean region

The in-flight digital entertainment specialist firm GoGo has teamed up with satellite operator SES in an effort to roll out high-speed internet to air passengers.

The plan will SES, which boasts a global fleet of 50 geostationary satellites, pool its resources in the States, Atlantic Ocean region and Europe, to provide the service across several commercial airlines.

It’s believed the service could be made available as early as later this year.

Gogo president and CEO Michael Small said: "By partnering with SES, Gogo aims to provide the reliable and seamless satellite coverage our current and prospective airline partners must have to meet airline passengers' demands for high-quality, high-speed Internet access on the fly.

"With the addition of a trusted satellite operator and Ku-band connectivity solution, Gogo is well positioned to provide a broad range of airlines and aircraft with a variety of technology solutions.

“Whether it's Gogo's exclusive air to ground and ATG-4 technologies, SES's Ku-band satellites or, Inmarsat's Global Xpress Ka-band satellite technologies, we plan to offer a full range of connectivity solutions for any aircraft mission."

Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer for SES said: "Like Gogo, SES is dedicated to connectivity without boundaries. This groundbreaking alliance between SES and Gogo represents an exciting milestone for commercial airlines and their passengers, who expect the same high-speed Internet access they're accustomed to on land during their flights,"

"SES is looking forward to bringing the best satellites and expertise in the business to what promises to be an important advancement in regional and global airline travel."

We're not sure what to make of this. Somehow, we can't help but feel internet access will take away the magic of watching hours of movies back-to-back on a long-haul, however, we must admit the concept of tweeting from the heavens is actually quite cool.