FaceTime available over 3G thanks to jailbreak app

Now legal jailbreaks remove FaceTime's Wi-Fi limitations

FaceTime hangs up on Wi-Fi and calls 3G

Just over a month after the iPhone 4 launched with FaceTime video calls limited to Wi-Fi connections, an app praying on the now legal iPhone jailbreaks has made FaceTime over 3G networks an available option to the handset's owners.

The My3G app is currently only available as a download direct from its developer’s website but is expected to follow in the footsteps of Comex’s jailbreak app and appear on the unofficial jailbroken App Store, Cydia, within the coming days priced just $3.99.

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Although offering video calls over a 3G network is not a new idea, it was one of the cornerstones of 3Gs introduction to a UK market and an option that few people utilised, it does amend one of the key qualms users had with the iPhone 4’s limitations.

Not restricted solely to FaceTime 3G compatibility, the My3G app allows other applications that have Wi-Fi only limitations such as TV streaming to run over a 3G network. This, however, is not the only alternative use of FaceTime revealed this week that will annoy Apple. Adult sex line workers made the news earlier in the week for their lusty use of the video calling service and going against Apple's strict no smut policies.

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