Facebook users would rather be pretty than intelligent, study finds

Study by Intel reveals what people lie most about on their social media profiles

A new study conducted by Intel has found that British Facebook users are more concerned about looking good than coming across as intelligent on their profile pages

According to the chipmaker, 56 per cent of the 4,374 people questioned admitted they're more concerned about their physical appearance in photos, while those in other European countries and the Middle East care more for intelligence.

When asked which ‘social lies’ they commonly use on their social networking profiles, 46 per cent of women and 20 per cent of men admitted to posting only flattering profile pictures of themselves, while only 19 per cent of men and 12 per cent of women tell lies to make themselves come across as more intelligent.

Genevieve Bell, director of Intel’s Interaction and Experience Research, commented: “New technologies tend to magnify the contradictions in our behaviour. We want both to create a good impression with our peers and also complain about over-sharing. It takes time to find a balance.”

The study also found that 89 per cent of users believe parents should teach their children better online etiquette, while 45 per cent of women and 34 per cent of men admitted to lying online to cover up their insecurities.