Facebook usage drops to lowest point since 2009

Facebook slumps as Twitter and YouTube grow

Facebook usage down as rivals Twitter and YouTube increase share in social market

Facebook’s popularity appears to have peaked as new reports suggest the social network saw usage fall almost 4 per cent during July to its lowest point in two years.

The latest figures, compiled by research firm Experian Hitwise, show that the 4 per cent fall in usage has effected the company’s share of the social networking sector in the UK.

Having held a 53.7 per cent share of the UK social media market in June of this year Facebook is reported to now control just over half of the sector with a 50.1 per cent share.

"Facebook's dominance of the UK social market hasn't been this low since October 2009, when the network accounted for 50.5pc of all visits to the category," the Experian Hitwise report said.

Picking up the slack left by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have both increased their shares of the social networking market with YouTube remaining the fasting growing social outlet for the fifth month in a row thanks to a 1.8 per cent growth up to 22.5 per cent.

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Via: TheTelegraph