Facebook message trial charges £60 to 'Inbox' Zuckerberg

Is there anyone you want to contact enough to fork over sixty nicker?

Facebook has extended its pay-to-message scheme, offering the opportunity to reach CEO Mark Zuckerberg in personal inbox for $100 (£60)

If you're desperate to get the attention of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and yell at him about security worries (or simply make fun of his toddler haircut), you can now pay around £60 for the privilege.

Mashable reports that the social network is trialing a new messaging scheme, allowing users to send a message directly to the Facebook Inbox of notable users (celebrities, CEOs etc), including the bossman, for the princely sum of $100.

Of course, users can already do this free of charge, but that message is likely to nestle in the "Other" section of the Inbox alongside spam messages and other notes Facebook doesn't deem it as important for you to read. This method ensures it lands in the main inbox.

The company has, in the last few months, been trialing a $1 message service, to ensure delivery to the main inbox of those they aren't friends with. The idea is that paying the fee will cut down on the amount of junk user's receive.

At the time, Facebook said it would be experimenting with extreme prices and this $100 premium seems to be the first sign of that.

What next? $10 million for a private Skype video chat with His Royal Zuckness? $100m for a... wait, we're not going to go there.

Via: Mashable