Facebook to sue the Daily Mail?

Newspaper named Zuckerberg's website in paedophile story

Facebook’s lawyers are currently investigating if it can sue the Daily Mail newspaper after it ran the headline, "How many more victims of Facebook sex gang?" on February 18.

The story follows a warning issued by police in Torbay, Devon that a “complex child abuse investigation” potentially involving 20 victims in the area was underway. The newspaper claimed Facebook was one of the tools used to groom potential victims.
Facebook contacted their lawyers claiming there was no evidence to support the allegation and demanded a printed apology.

The Daily Mail is standing by its story, although it has heavily re-worked the online version of the report.

This isn’t the first time the two have clashed. In March last year the Daily Mail had to apologise after one of its reporters alleged that it had created a profile of a fictional 14-year-old girl and was approached “within seconds” by older men on Facebook. It turned out the reporter had created a profile on another social networking site.

Facebook has released a statement saying it had "not ruled out legal action" as it waited to see how or if the newspaper would respond. More news as it happens.