Facebook takes on alleged clickjacking spammer in court

Social media giant sues firm over spamming row

Facebook has gotten involved in a lawsuit, suing a marketing firm of allegedly spreading spam and earning money through deceptive practices

A US-based marketing firm is on the receiving end of the lawsuit, which accuses it of carrying out "clickjacking".

The concept of clickjacking involves the method of using a code that causes links to show up on anyone's homepages as being a " liked" item without their permission. These links then take users to other websites, and the clickjacking firm gets renumeration per click.

The marketing firm "vehemently denied" the lawsuit allegations, reported the BBC. It also plans to pursue a defamation action in retaliation to these allegations.

Washington State has also filed a related lawsuit with lawyers saying this is probably the first time a state has gone to court over spam on Facebook.

The state's attorney general's office claims the firm in question has earned as much $1.2m (£766,000) a month from these methods.

Facebook is approaching the run-up to its IPO, scheduled to take place in May this year.

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Via: BBC