Facebook security changes not enough say Sophos

Security firm Sophos suggests more could be done

Sophos believes that Facebook should be taking the lead, not being told to take the lead by regulators when it comes to its privacy options

Online security firm Sophos has been looking at the new security changes made by Facebook which will be rolling in today and is asking whether firstly they've done enough, and secondly, what more could they be doing.

The changes themselves range from making existing options easier to access to their most notable adjustment in the form of photo-tagging. Before, anyone was able to tag a person, with the photo appearing on the news feed and then having to be removed afterwards by un-tagging the image. Now however Facebook will let you approve all tags before they appear on the newsfeed.

While Sophos welcomes these changes, senior technology consultant Graham Cluley believes that they still have more to do, 'While there’s a lot of good stuff here, with Facebook making efforts to simplify the way its privacy settings work, Facebook doesn’t seem to have addressed the more fundamental privacy issues on the site'

He goes on to say 'Facebook should become truly ‘opt-in’, not just on the basis that a new user opts in by joining Facebook in the first place, but on the basis that features are turned off until users decide to activate them.'

These new features will be available from today and you can see a full list of them here. What do you think, is Facebook doing enough or could they improve? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.