Facebook reveals how to be more popular

Music, sports are key to popular status updates

Talk more about yourself, less about family, and be a bit negative. Instant Facebook popularity.

Facebook has mined some data and found that if people want others to like their status and become their friends, then talk about music, sports, or type the word 'you'.

They analysed 1 million status updates posted in English to collate the data. Apparently, the more popular people are also less concerned about including their family in their updates, are less emotional, and have a different word usage than those with lower friend counts.

According to Facecook, "They write longer updates, and use more words referring to music and sports. More 'popular' people also talk less about their families, are less emotional overall, use fewer past tense and present tense verbs and words related to time."

In addition, if you want people to notice your status updates, negative emotional updates receive more comments than positive ones. Facebook's blog post also said, "Younger people express more negative emotions (including anger) and swear more. They use more pronouns referring to oneself (“I”, “my”, etc.) and talk more about school. Older people write longer updates, use more prepositions and articles, and talk more about other people, including their family."

The time of the day also affected status updates. Negative word use increases as the day goes on, as positivity decreases.

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