Facebook Places gets update

Update: Spokesperson confirms changes to Places feature

There had been speculation that the changes that have been made to Facebook's Places feature was because of FourSquare, Facebook has since got in contact to confirm it was to make the service easier to use

Facebook has made changes to its Places check-in service, removing the mobile-only Places feature and evolving locations into being simply 'tags' that can be added to a status update much in the same way that you tag a friend.

There had been speculation that these changes were made to move the 'Places' feature away from rival services, however since time of writing a spokesperson for Facebook has been in contact with T3 to clarify their changes.

"Facebook is filled with discussions about where people are, have been, or want to go. It was already possible to talk about location in this way on Facebook by tagging Place Pages from the Web. We’ve expanded this functionality. Now locations are just tags."

They were also keen to highlight that the 'check-in' feature has also remained, they've just changed the way we, as users, access it.

"Previously, people had to click “Check In” from their mobile to claim a deal. Now, when they click “Check In”, they will be directed to their status and have an opportunity to add social context to their check-in – things like who they’re with, where they are and what they are doing."

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Source: Metro