Facebook news feed changes revealed at f8 conference

New Facebook 'ticker' feature also shown off

Social networking behemoth Facebook has revealed its iconic news feed will now offer users relevant stories depending on how often they check in to the Twitter and Google+ rival

Facebook has revealed its latest round of changes, showing off a new look news feed. In a major update, users will see what’s relevant to them depending on how often they visit the social network’s website.

That means if you hit up Facebook once a week, you’ll be give the top stories from the past seven days. If you’re a Facebook junkie and check it constantly, you’ll be served up all the very latest status updates, images and videos.

Images have also been given an overhaul. They now appear larger in your news feed, so you can easily see what’s going on without having to click and enlarge every time something piques your interest.

On top of the news feed changes, Zuckerberg and co have also unveiled a new ticker. This sits in the top right hand corner of every page and tells you what your friends are doing in real time on Facebook. From there you can click and join in the conversation.

Facebook is expected to reveal details of its new music and movies service at its f8 conference in San Francisco tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the news as we get it.

Are you happy at the thought of a new Facebook News Feed or fed up with the company’s ever changing look? Let us know via the comments box below…