Facebook launches new apps for Timeline

Integrated set of apps that work with the new layout

Ever since announcing Timeline, Facebook has been doing all it can to increase the number of people that choose the layout and they're hoping these apps will help

Facebook has unveiled a new range of apps for its Timeline layout which will integrate within the timeline and also external sites and apps letting you perform actions which will then be updated on the Timeline.

Autotrader, Artfinder, SoundCloud and MixCloud are just a few of the companies that have launched apps for Timeline with each one letting you update the timeline via other websites or through a smartphone.

For example Autotrader will be adding 'Want' buttons to each of their car pages letting you click the button and instantly share the car you want with those you know on Facebook.

The Artfinder apps sounds particularly intuative letting you take a picture of a piece of art on your iPhone, the app then identifies what the artwork is and then gives you the option of sharing your discovery with your Timeline.

With the SoundCloud app the improvements are simply to make sharing music appear more streamlined, letting you seamlessly upload your own music or other musical finds straight to Facebook.

Have you got Timeline and tried out any of the new features? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...